Punch Club – Journal – Day “1”

punchclubtitle“A retro, pop culture infused, 80’s inspired game”

punchclub1Punch Club is a game that I didn’t know I ever wanted. It has heart, and it has 80’s to 90’s  pop culture references galore that I’m sure I didn’t catch, there’s even one for Stallone’s Cobra. I won’t spoil the story, but basically at the beginning of the game there’s a scene that sets you on the path of revenge. Fast forward a few years and you get the chance to join a fighting league.

This is when the game starts. You have to get strong, so working construction, going to the gym and training on various machines earns you XP. Strength. Agility, and Stamina. Strength give you power, Agility earns you accuracy and increases chances to hit, and Stamina earns you energy regeneration and how much your blocking absorbs. I went for Strength and Stamina because I wanted to be strong yet fast, and it seems like a good fit so far.

punchlubbannerThe first two fights start and BAM! I’m winning them and getting cocky while I’m at it, so I go to work to make some money and buy me some food. I never take the bus home because it saves me money and you can always use a nice walk/run. On this particular run I get held up by some thug who I try to fight but he ends up knocking me out and taking half my money. Luckily I still had enough money to buy some food at Apu’s grocery market, and that my friend’s is it for this journal entry.

I enjoyed Punch Club immensely, and can’t wait to play some more.

Time Played: 2.5 Hours


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