Final Fantasy XIV – Journal – Day “4”

RRJournallogo3Day 4
“Questing, and Questing, and doing it Right!”

I login and immediatley am thrown into a quest, kill 3 imperial troops in Castrum Centri
This time I don’t forget to bring my trusty companion, Rio the chocobo. I must be dungeonintrotamdoing something right because after my quest, A very powerful man would like to meet me in Coerthas. I don’t know if i should keep writing like looking through my characters eyes, or should I write as a reviewer/gamer. Maybe I’ll just do a mix of both.


Oh the pain I feel! Having received Heavensward without knowing how many quests I had to do t2ifghterso even access any of the content. It’s completely my fault though, and I am at 60 out of 100 and the story isn’t too bad either, so it’s not all that bad. I have about 3 more quests before I hit a story dungeon, and that excites me. I absolutely LOVE dungeons, especially as a tank or a healer, but I’m beginning to warm up to playing a Damage dealer with my archer. The Dragoon looks like a total badass as well, I think I’ll give him a shot once I can.


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