A List of Punch Club’s Pop Culture References


Here is a List of all the Pop Culture references I’ve caught in ‘Punch Club’

In your house there is a movie poster on the right wall, that one is from the Sylvestor Stallone movie, ‘Cobra’



Our next place is your Garage. Here there are 3 posters on the wall, and one van (aka the A-Team Van!).



Rocky Balboa and Jean Claude Van Damm’s Bloodsport. The A-Team van on the right                                           hand side as well.


micksDown below is Mick’s place and this one is filled with references. I’ll post the respective pictures soon but from left to right and the side wall we have.

Indiana   Shredder  Sub-Zero   Donatello




From left to right we have Indiana Jones, Shredder, Sub Zero and Donatello. Hanging on the wall we have a Ninja Turtle Shell, Casey Jones’ Hockey Stick and Mask, and Raphael’s Sais.


Finally for the time being, is a small Simpsons reference, the convenience store is called Apu’s.


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      1. Jay and Silent Bob are outside the grocery store.

        Tyler outside the bar looks like Tyler Durden from Fight Club, played by Brad Pitt. He even wears the same type of leather jacket.

        Tyler (in the game) has a cousin named Mickey. Mickey was the name of Brad Pitt’s character in Snatch. Game Mickey also looks like movie Mickey.

        Vincent Vega and Jules are at the corner table of Casey’s café.

        Casey in the game used to be a sailor. Casey was the name of Steven Segal’s ex Navy SEAL character in Under Siege. Game Casey also has a ponytail and plays with a knife, something Steven Segal has and does in a lot of his movies.

        One of the Rookie League fighters has the last name Sloane, I can’t remember the first name. This fighter looks a bit like the fighter Eric Sloane in the movie Kickboxer.

        I believe “the Don” is a reference to Don Corleone in The Godfather.

        And I figure you already know that Mick was the name of Rocky’s old trainer in the early movies.

  1. Damn, I just got to the Russia part so I can’t visit the places you listed. Do i eventually get back to the US?

    Some small refs:
    Russia sounds like the main Tetris theme which was created in Russia.
    The arcade game in Micks place has the name champ and a shadow of a person doing a kick, the game ‘Karate Champ’ has the same kick, the game is also played in Bloodsport or kickboxer I think, but I’m not too sure on that.

    Thanks a lot for the tips, I’ll be sure to add them once I can.

    1. I actually haven’t gotten to the Russia part yet, I should have more time to play the game this next weekend (I hope).

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