Dragomon Hunter – Journal – Day ‘1’

“Gotta Catch ‘Em………..ALL??????”

ccreationToday I decided to try out something new, something fresh, and something that looked like fun. Dragomon was the game I chose, Pokemon in an MMORPG enviornment is what it looked like, and after playing a small 1 hour and a half to a two hour game session, I can give my first impressions, and they are good.

dragomonSS2The character creation is standard, hairstyle, eyes, face type, all very anime-ish looking. Once in the game you are tasked with completing trials in order to become a Dragomon Hunter. The graphics again look anime-ish , sleek, and set in a vibrant world. With Christmas songs and trees to set the festive mood. As of December 20th 2015 the game is very much populated.

Whoever did the localization on this game deserves a pat on the back. From ‘a wild monster appears’ to the ‘milkshake’ song, they add humor without being overbearing. The small touches are what matters, and they are here…. ALOT.

Overall I would like to play more of this game and will continue to do so. From 2 Hours of gameplay I give this game a Silver Trophy.

Playtime: 2:00 Hours

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