Paladins: Champions of the Realm – Journal – ‘Day 1’

paladinsbnbnewspaperMocoKnightHerald2The Makers of Smite come back with a fun, refreshing, First Person Shooter, Impressions after the bump!

Welcome to my first and hopefully many more newspaper style’d game updates, where I play a game and immediately post my thoughts right after playing, while it’s still fresh in my mind. Many games will be posted in a multi-part journal styled fashion. With the last part being the review. Most likely 6 total parts will be available with post #6 being the review.

Introducing Paladins – Champions of the Realm Closed Beta. From Hi-Rez Studios.

We’ve had a few moments in gaming like Paladins. Including Team Fortress 2, Tribes, and Planetside, to name a few. They came and they went but only TF2 survived. Now we have an explosion of them, Paladins – Champions of the Realm, from the makers of Smite, Global Agenda, and Tribes. Blizzard the big Beast of a company is working on Overwatch, in which I had the pleasure to play but didn’t really come away too impressed, and finally The team based first person shooter, Battleborn from the developers of Borderlands, again I played, but also was not impressed. Though all of these games have unique aspects to them, only Paladins has held my interest.

bnwnewspaperpaintAs they say, third time’s the charm, because Paladins has that ‘it’ factor for me, You don’t die in an instant like other games in the genre. It has a more “halo-like” health system, so that even though you are getting hit, you have more than just a few seconds to turn the battle in your favor. Especially using the Card system.

So far I’m liking Paladins, BUT it feels like there is something missing. I can’t put my finger on it though. Maybe I’m just nit-picking. This is just a beta so there’s plenty of time to test the game out.

bnw-newspaper2RESIZEDlight23Starting off, you have 9 characters to choose from. I only played 2-3 of them and I liked every one of them, and that’s saying something as I usually change characters every time I die in other games. If Smite is anything to go by then Hi-Rez will be updating the game with new heroes every 1 – 2 months. I haven’t really even dealt with the card system yet, and that is a huge portion of the game.. I’m already having fun with it. I have been able to use cards though, I just have not been able to construct anything.

That concludes my first journal, the second will be up some time next week.

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