Family, Games, Fun. My Holiday Traditions.

Splatterball AOL

“Gaming Traditions, grab a nice hot coffee or a hot chocolate and cozy up to the PC/Consoles and let’s game till the New Year!”

The Long lost Sports Paintball Game via AOL, Splatterball!

Warcraft 2 Edited
Warcraft 2

Ahh Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Three holidays to be with family and to game. I have a tradition that goes way back to about 20 years ago, on Thanksgiving and that was playing Warcraft 2, and Splatterball via the paid AOL game service, and playing after eating with my family. I don’t remember winning or losing a lot I just remember having to pay like 6$ per hour and that Splatterball wasn’t that good of a game. Warcraft 2 was fun as hell though.

Splatterball 2 – Multiplayer Paint balling on AOL

As the years go by and new games come out, that special holiday spirit is still there.  I will never forget coming home from my aunt’s house and plonking down in front of the computer with the computer monitor glowing, it’s just memories that fill me with warmth. This year the tradition comes with changing our destination. and playing games with other people, some dancing, some old school Mario competitive matches. At home this year, its going to be a few different games at home, thanks to the legendary Steam Sale. Starcraft 2, Resident Evil HD, Metal Gear Solid 5, even Final Fantasy VII a game I haven’t played since release. Last but not least is an MMORPG, mine will be Final Fantasy Heavensward.

So gather round the Family, grab a mug of hot chocolate, spark up the games, its the Holidays and Enjoy!

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