How I Review Games

platinum“How I Review Games”

The way I review games is by a trophy system based upon a character I used to draw in the 2nd to 3rd grade, aka ‘Dragon Man’. I try to report multiple posts in a “Journal” type of format. I play several  “Sessions” writing about my experiences, and in the end, I give the game a Coal, up to a Platinum trophy .

I am not a professional reviewer by any means, but I will try my hardest to write an accurate, clean, short review. I am not a harsh reviewer either in that I can look passed certain flaws (while still documenting them). I will probably give out a lot of Bronze through Silver trophies but Platinum’s are reserved for the absolute best in my opinion, when a game just “Clicks” in a good way.

Bottom of the Barrel type games, crappy coding, bugs galore, just not good, BUT they may have some good qualities if any.Bronze
Just ‘okay’ experience , run of the mill, nothing special, maybe some flaws.
A Good game, better than fair, has some good qualities, fun.goldGold
Very good, top notch, very fun, Gameplay/Story is top notch.
As good as it gets, nothing is better at the moment, addicting, Top Notch.


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