Final Fantasy XIV – Journal – Day “2”

RRJournallogo3Day 2
“Get your papers, meet your friends, the courier is here!”

Day 2 of my adventure begins with a quick hello to the guild, and a few questions FF14FOREST2regarding the Ninja job. The ninja job is something that I’ve always wanted to play but already having a level 27 archer I didn’t really want to overwhelm myself and take on another task then and there, now that’s changed. I’m just going to take my time and level my character, even though I really want to see the Heavensward story.

So I gain access to the Guild by talking to someone at the door and I went to find out more about this job. I head out on my first quest to slay 9 creatures. The Ninja moves are flashy with lots of acrobatic animations. A feast for the eyes, it does not dissapoint. I decide to take a break.

I returned and thought going to the Gold Saucer might be fun, and I didn’t regret it, I won 10K in the mini coctpot and that is twice within the same week. I am pretty happy about that , even though I don’t really know what to use it on, maybe the chocobo races I guess.
From what I gather, the three houses have given our startup ‘army’ support, I had adventured to Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, and Gridania, recruiting people from each of them.

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