Final Fantasy XIV and Heavensward Journal Introduction

“I’ve decided I want to make a journal of my Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Journey, and blog about it through fresh eyes.”

Final Fantasy is a game that I’ve loved, with FF 6 and FF 9 being my favorites. Upon hearing about FFX XIV, I was excited to put it mildly. Then the game came out and I didn’t try to play it and it seemed like it was the right choice because there was a massive amount of backlash.

FF14SelfieEDITED2Then Square Enix took those comments to heart and revamped the whole game and it was great! That was when I started playing and I had a blast leveling through to 50. The game to me is the only MMORPG that can be considered a WoW killer, but of course there is room for both.

SE continued supporting FFXIV with content patches , which included continuing the story, and adding new dungeons. There might be more of the new things that I am not aware of. With that being said the only downfall I can see is that you have to have beaten every story quest before being able to jump into Heavensward. I currently have about 50 left.

So please join me as I journey through Final Fantasy XIV and Heavensward.

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