Final Fantasy XIV – Journal – Day “1”

RRJournallogo3Day 1
“I want to ride my Bicycle”

I started my session as usual, receiving a warm welcome from my guildies. I was about to start my old world quests when I saw someone asking for help with Haukke Manor, I was kind of rusty with tanking, seeing as my last time playing was in June or July. Thankfully it went pretty smoothly.
FF14FOREST2There were a few close calls, but I managed to pick up the stragglers and keep the dmg on me. The healer must be commended as well, as he did an amazing job. “Laon Ravenheart” was his/her name. With that finished, off I went to complete quests.

My task was to try and recruit people for a grand organization, of each faction. I head to Limsa Lominsa to look for people, and out of 5 people only 1 was willing to help. Off I went to meet Alphinaud at the Airship Landing.

FF14ARCHER2Alphinaud had better luck than I, as he got to sign the thing-ama-jig, this is where I keep talking about quests to a minimum because I’m finding it boring to write, nevermind to read.

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