Creating ‘Dragon Man’ A Mega Man Type Game mixed with tons of genres! ‘Part 2’

dragonmanactionDragon Man – Developer’s Diary Part 2
MetroidVania, Mega Man, Mario, Zelda Style Game

It’s been about 10 days since I’ve last replied about the Status of DM, truth be told I’ve only put about 10 more hours into it but it is coming along nicely, It’s just too bad that I can’t draw anything that’s quality, that can easily be changed though, and the gameplay should compensate. On to what has changed.

I’ve decided to add a total of four encounters, two Mega Man/Mario type stages, one Metroidvania, and one Zelda 2 style encounter.

dragonmanairshipI‘ve worked on some more DM animations as well, mostly all of the overworld, and standing, climbing animations. What you see now in these screenshots probably shouldn’t be shown, as they are in a pre-alpha state. That’s about it for this update.


Dragon Man Animations

1-2 Dungeons **UPDATED To 3-4 Dungeons**

Temporary Overworld


Loot System


Development Time: 26 Hours

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