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In preparation for Starcraft Remastered, here are my game related stories!

The original Starcraft was a major milestone in my gaming life, it introduced me to playing an RTS seriously and would eventually lead me to my favorite RTS ever, Warcraft 3. Here are some funny, and not so funny stories related to it.

Original Starcraft Box Art

I still remember the day I got the original Starcraft. It was either a Friday or Saturday, I remember because I was about 16 – 17 years old and I was missing out on friend time because I worked. The game was released and I would have to go get it on the following Sunday, at the only PC game store around. Electronics Boutique, a 25-minute drive from where I lived. So it’s the weekend and I ask a friend to drive me to work, he picks me up and we take the route to drop me off. We are coming up on my work and……

My friend keeps driving. I plead and beg to stop and turn around but he doesn’t he just keeps on driving. Naturally, I get mad, I can lose my job over a no call, no show. That feeling doesn’t last long because, hey, it’s a cool looking game called Starcraft. The details are foggy but I’m pretty sure the boxes had three different faces on each. I chose Protoss, that would be my race. After buying the game and joking around a little, I finally get back to my job.

I prepare my work area and the boss comes down, “Hey what happened to you?”  my response? “My friend was being an asshole” I then get cut off, “Well, I’m going to be an asshole too, go home” What sucks is cell phones were a rarity back then and I had no way of getting in touch with someone to pick me up, so I had to walk about twenty-five minutes back home. I stopped at my friend’s house on the way and karma attacked him, Starcraft was having some sort of bug with Pentiums I think, the game kept crashing.

After spending some time there, I decided to take the rest of the walk back home. I can still imagine the glow of the CRT on my face as I played one of gaming’s defining moments. Starcraft.

After playing for a little while and getting the hang of the game, there was a Free-For-All match that still sticks out to this day. It took place over a 56k modem and it lasted for, no word of a lie, 4 hours. What a fun game that was, thinking back I just get flashes of carriers and mayhem. I don’t remember who won that day (probably the other guy) but I do remember having a hell of a time.

Here’s to forming new memories in Starcraft – Remastered. Thanks, Blizzard!

If you have any stories that you want to share, feel free to post below or register to the site and make a blog post yourself! I give out free games regularly.


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