Discovering Morrowind with Mods in 2017, I’m in love!

After fifteen years I finally started playing this The Elder Scrolls 3, Morrowind. Who, what, when, how?

I’m on an Elder Scrolls binge. I picked up Morrowind with its two expansions, Oblivion with its expansions as well, and I already had Skyrim, all for under $15 from I’ve been playing all of them. What made me want to try out Morrowind was the expansion for the online game, which is set there. That and everyone always had good things to say about it. I wanted to see how things had changed. I don’t know how this game flew under my radar, I had a friend who played it but I never took an interest. I would have loved it, I love it now. I downloaded mods for Morrowind, and I may post up a complete mod package with easy to install instructions.

The mods update the textures, pretty much everything. There is even a mod that adds new quests and lands.

Upon starting the game, I immediately I notice that this game has its own style to it. Sure the characters are blocky but the way the textures on everything look have a certain charm to them. The mod creators did a great job with this game. Everything is clear and nicely detailed, you can see the threads on sacks and the water has a realistic look. Even after playing something like Skyrim, I want to go back to Morrowind and experience what it has to offer.

This game is tough though, unlike the other games in the series, there is no blocking. Your swings also have a chance to miss, this is one aspect of the game that I don’t like. I’m early into the game so I’m missing quite a bit, fights can be really challenging but it does add to its appeal, overall.

Questing is different, I’m used to being told where to go in every game so much, that I was taken aback when I noticed that there were no quest markers. I will say that the game still does a good job in telling you where to go, sometimes being a little vague.

I’m dipping into all of the Elder Scrolls games, even going into the Fallout series, but Morrowind’s charm keeps me coming back. I’ll probably post another article after playing for a bit more but for now, that’s it!

I love its unique style, its grab you by the balls difficulty, and it’s no hand-holding quests.

I honestly can’t think of anything right now. Maybe it’s just a tad too difficult sometimes.

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