I have entered into a new phase, Action Multiplayer Online Role Playing games (AMMOs), 10+ of them to be exact, jump on over!

World of Warcraft was the real first MMO that I got into, I had tried Everquest, Asheron’s Call, Ultima Online to name a few, but WoW was it and I played it for years. Then action MMO’s started coming out, I’m not sure which was the first but the big one that I heard of was Tera. I never strayed from WoW though and just kept playing it. Fast forward to The Elder Scrolls Online and I was intrigued. I played it for a few weeks and still do but now, NOW I want to play them all.

The fun factor of AMMOs is quite high and I’m interested in all the different kinds. I’m going to go through twenty of them, but not going to in depth. Straight to the point. I’ll be going over the character creation process, population, fun factor, and more. All as my main man Fifty Copper. –once a week, ??–

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