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Ghetto Azeroth – Chapter 10 – Entry #1 – Thousand Needles (Levels 40 – 45)

Posted on October 10, 2016  in Journal, Multiplayer

Ghetto Azeroth

Ghetto Azeroth

Chapter 10 – Entry #1- Thousand Needles (Levels 40  – 45)

monkshrineI was once again summoned to Kun-Lai Summit to continue my training. I learned an invaluable skill there, I perfected the art of interruption. If an enemy is casting a spell, I jab him in the throat and that interrupts whatever magic he is trying to summon. That was it for me that day, quick in, quick out.

Faster, Stronger, Better!

Faster, Stronger, Better!

I then fly back to Stormwind in order to further my riding skill, I am 40% faster now. The ride from The Western Plaguelands to Stormwind was long, but it gave me time to think. I am putting my all into being a soldier. I won’t stop until all enemies are vanquished.

I received a message saying it was time to learn more on First Aid, I took a boat to Kalimdor. It was a short ride, I got on it just in time. I had to bandage up a certain amount of people in the given time frame. I failed the first time, but the second time I revised my method and completed it. I could now make bandages that heal a lot better.

It took me hours just to swim to the Thousand Needles, once I got there I was amazed by how lush, and with the greenery I saw. Sometimes you forget about the world being so beautiful.

Thousand Needles Barge

Thousand Needles Barge

I was put on a boat, to venture onto a barge. There I met with gnomes, one asked me to build a speedster, he gave me a list of parts and told me to give it to the mechanic. I took it there and some parts were missing underwater. So she gave me underwater gear and off I went. There was another gnome that told me to order a drink and then bash it over the head of a troll. I found that pretty funny. So that’s what I did, a bar fight broke out, it was hilarious.  chairs and drinks were being thrown everywhere. I came out unscathed.


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