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Published September 21, 2016
I am Fiftty Copper!
I am Fiftty Copper!

“Respect is not expected but it’s given ‘cuz it’s real, being neglected and all, expect it, the deal!” – DMX

There was a point in my training that I could not pass, and it was like someone was following me because I immediately was called by a monk master to visit him and learn new skills. I concentrated with mind and soul. I was teleported in mind and spirit, while my body never left. Once I landed I was greeted by a fellow monk, he told me to go down and have a battle with master Cheng. Cheng and I walked towards the middle of the grounds, we both bowed to each other and the fight was on.

Students Gather
Students Gather

I hit him with 2 jabs, he jabs back. I use Fists of Fury on him which brings his life force to just below half. He sets the ground on fire and I struggle to move past it… He follows me I leap away then leap back. I hit him with a roundhouse kick and he staggers back. One more jab finishes him off.

He deemed me worthy of training, and he taught me a new skill. I wake up as if I just had a dream. I’m back now, time to continue my journey.

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