#2 – Retro RPG – Earthbound Playthrough – One Giant Step for Onett

#2 – Retro RPG – Earthbound Playthrough – One Giant Step for Onett

After defeating the local gang boss and gaining access to the Giant Step area, I am on my way to adventure!

My next task was at hand, I needed to gain one of my eight melodies, one being the Giant Step in my hometown Onett. To gain access to the area I had to defeat the local gang leader and then speak to the Mayor. He was impressed by my actions and gave me the key to open up the path to get access to the Giant Step.

Getting access to the Giant Step wasn’t easy, I had to traverse through a cave filled with mice and bugs. It wasn’t really a maze but it did have optional areas that rewarded me with different items.

I’ve just about had my share of these creatures when I finally got to the boss, a star-like crystal being. I like to grind so I’m pretty sure I was over-leveled as he was nothing. I made quick work of it and then off I was, the very next area was the Giant Step.

As I stepped closer to the giant foot print I was engulfed in bright lights and a beautiful melody played. Success! I made my way out and there were police officers outside and not too happy to see me. They told me to go to the police station.

I arrive at the station and made my way to the captain, one of the police officers led me into… An AMBUSH! I had to fight four officers in a row, but it’s OK I had no trouble defeating them. When I was done the officer radioed permission for me to journey into Twoson. Off I went, the next part of my journey would begin soon.

I’m having a lot of fun playing Earthbound, the story is different then most RPGs I’ve played and that’s great. I love to grind and in Earthbound when you are stronger than your enemy, instead of fighting, it goes straight into the victory screen and you automatically get XP, a great feature. The dungeon was a good time and well designed. Not to big, nor small, a perfect first dungeon. The way towns are named is cool too. Onett, Twoson, Threed. I wonder what the fourth will be called.

All said and done, I look forward to my next session.

Session: About 1 Hour

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