State of Extinction – A Spin on the Survival Genre

State of Extinction – A Spin on the Survival Genre

State of Extinction is a survival type game with an isometric camera angle twist. You collect resources and craft weapons, and armor among other things. It’s currently in early access on steam so what I say now will most likely only get better.


State of Extinction
Journal – Day 1

Let me just say, that State of Extinction is a newly launched Early Access game, and is currently available on Steam. What I talk about now could and In my opinion will definitely change in time. That is why I write Journal entries, to kind of document it. Please enjoy the impression.

ss1‘ State of Extinction ‘ is an early access  game by Stone Pixel Games. SoE is also an isometric, survival type of game and was released on November 29th, 2016. Games like these usually take on first person point of views, so it’s refreshing to see a company try something new. For this Journal entry, my playtime was a little over an hour. In SoE you still search for materials, explore, and craft items like it’s peers. But here, here you do it all the while traversing a lush green forest/jungle themed area. So pretty much there isn’t too much of a difference, except it’s caveman-esque period.

At the start you are given a choice of three different classes, Instinct, Intuition, and Intelligence. The ‘Instinct’ class is the strong ‘Warrior’ type, ‘Intuition’ an Assassin type that can set traps, and last ‘Intelligence’, the Sorcerer. I chose the Instinct class, but I didn’t play long enough to get a grasp on what he could do. When you are choosing your class, you can also set a mode that gives you just one life, and if you die, your character is deleted. Diablo fans rejoice.

State of Extinction

The story starts out with a Bible tone that quickly gives way to a story about the coming of age. You and your rival Kaar, are to take a test to pass into manhood. During the tutorial phase you learn of the test, and meet Kaar’s instructor, who teaches all kinds of great survival lessons. Again, I only played an hour of the game so I didn’t get much farther than that.

Once in the game you are put through a lengthy tutorial that was actually fun to play, unlike most games where you are just dying just to pass it get. You will learn the basics to survive, first thing is getting a weapon in your hands by collecting a branch, and crafting it. Learning to craft an actual useful weapon you can use comes later as does learning how to heal.

That’s my first experience of playing ‘State of Extinction‘ Overall it was a fun one. In my next Journal Entry I’ll write more about of the story, music, graphics, and of course most importantly in my opinion, GAME PLAY. 


“Takes an increasingly crowded survival game genre and has it’s own unique take on it”

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