Final Fantasy XV – Extreme Hype


Why I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long time.


I’m not a huge Final Fantasy fan, in fact I’ve only beaten two of them, but I’ve played them all to a certain degree. I remember playing part one for the NES, always dying because it was such a different game from the platformers I was used to playing, I never really got far.I never played part two, played the remake of three, made it to the moon in four, Beginning of five, in which the class system sounds really appealing. I’d say part six had the most unique characters and a great story. I recently tried playing six only to have my save wiped out after getting a few hours into it. I beat part seven, getting FF7’s demo was one of those everything goes wrong days, but that’s for another post. Once again I skipped part eight, played and beat nine and it’s one of my favorite RPG’s of all time, Played ten, twelve, and fourteen.

ff15I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone into a game without knowing anything about it (almost). I’ve played the demo and have seen a little game play, but honestly it didn’t really blow me away, and I’m okay with that, because it’s Square and the Final Fantasy brand name has not failed me yet. I’m extremely hyped about fifteen anyways. About reviews, I used to/still do BUT I was talking to a friend and asked him what he thinks about reviews, and he was against scores, he said he just watches game play and let’s that be the deciding factor on if he gets the game or not. I completely agree with that, and from now on that is what I’m going to do. Unless it’s by a certain company, then I’ll blindly support it.

The game is one day away, I’m pretty damn excited for it, I’m going to try and get Kingsglaive to watch either tonight or tomorrow before I pick up FFXV. I’ll be ready for it. Without even playing it I plan to try and full trophy it. It’s a western style open world game, kind of seems like Dragon Age, but with a JRPG story, which in my opinion Japan’s stories are better. From what I’ve seen it looks like a political story, I’d prefer a more adventure story, but again I know nothing about it. Driving around with your friends seems pretty fun too.

That’s pretty much it. The wait is almost over, come on and whisk me away.

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