Chapter 6 – Part 2 – The Western Plaguelands (Levels 35 – 40)

Ghetto Azeroth
                   Ghetto Azeroth

Finally, I was being treated with respect. I starting receiving quests that could make a difference in the war. I just entered a tower with the aim to blow up some kind of sorcery that was producing skeletons at an alarming rate. I was overrun but I persevered, throwing in a bomb to explode the magical construction.

As I thought, Araj was a foul smellin kind-of-a useless waste of space demon. After defeating him I was commended for my actions. I would be needed again but for now, I was asked to go to Chillwind Camp, down south. I delivered armor to someone that plans to attack the forsaken.

My journey led me to Northridge Lumber Camp, where a couple, Nathaniel and Kelly lived. I helped them out with clearing spiders, and killing pesky foxs. Then came to gnolls that were stealing their wood at night, I made sure of that not happening again.

As I was questing, I received a request from Tirion Fordring, I was making my way towards him, and I saw someone that needed my help. He wanted me to help train seven of his men, but not without calling me out like a ragamuffin in the pale blue moon, I dispatched them quickly on purpose, just so I could shove it in his face. I ran some more quests and then I was pretty much done helping here.

My next destination: Thousand Needles

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