Ghetto Azeroth – Arathi Highlands – The Princess – (Levels 25 – 30)

I am Fiffty Copper
I am Fiffty Copper

Fiffty Copper’s Ghetto Azeroth
Chapter 6 – Part 2 – Arathi Highlands
The Princess
Levels 25 – 30


Arathi Highlands
Arathi Highlands

While doing quests I happened to come across an obelisk type of thing. I approached it slow and steady, as I got closer I started to hear a faint voice. Was someone trapped inside? Maybe she was using the crystal to speak, and it seemed like  she was underground and needed my help.

I was asked to go to 3 different crystals in the region to gather keys, once all of them were in possession and only then, would I be able to break the princess free. I headed for the first one the cresting key, then thundering, and finally burning.

Arathi Highlands
Arathi Highlands

Then what would be the final step, I had to eliminate a giant rock being named Fozruk. He seemed like a piece of cake. The point of defeating him was to get the Rod of Order. I was attacked by a stone golem called Thenan. I one hit killed his ass.

After all of my work, Myzrael the princess made me her dumb butler. I was just running errands so that she could come out of the ruby and run amok. After all this work I am told that she was very powerful, what a waste of resources and time. Now, I had to put her back into the ground permanently. I had a choice, either waste more of my time running around like an idiot for her, or go onto the next destination.

That was an easy one.

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