Ghetto Azeroth – Arathi Highlands – Arathi Keep – (Levels 25 – 30)

I am Fiffty Copper
I am Fiffty Copper

Fiffty Copper’s Ghetto Azeroth
Chapter 6 – Part 1 – Arathi Highlands
Arathi Keep
Levels 25 – 30

Arathi Castle
An Arathi Highlands  Castle

It was raining when I got to Arathi Highlands, that’s never a good sign. A group called the Syndicate were growing in numbers quite quickly. I was tasked with disrupting them. I headed up to a castle where they were known to be and took down as many as I could. They had bounties on our militia as well.

There were two important figures, I knew they could be found at the abandoned old castle. My gold sack could have been heavier so I

Arathi Highlands & The Keep Battle
Arathi Highlands & The Keep Battle

decided to take on 3 bounties. To kill, Marez Cowl, Otto, and Falconcrest. Everything went right and it was time to collect my gold. All of this adventuring without stops to rest, puts me dangerously close to a breakdown. I needed a drink, and my armor needed repairing, so off to Ironforge I went.

The flight back was magnificent, I was flying above the grounds I had just previously traversed. It was a sight to behold, from earthy grounds to swamp and snowy lands. I arrived at Ironforge, went straight to get my armor repaired and took some First Aid classes, you never know when you’re going to need it.

I spent a lot of time in Ironforge, my gold from the auctions I listed came in, about 100 gold overall. Today, I put more items up for sale. I liked how my First Aid classes went, I think I’ll take it up and be serious about it. I was educated, 100 gold poorer for it but still educated and, if I needed to heal myself, now I could. I hopped back to Arathi, did some minor questing and then I was told to head to Desolace, a zone in Horde territory.

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