Ghetto Azeroth – Wetlands and Professions – (Levels – 20 – 25)

I am Fiftty Copper!
I am Fiftty Copper!

Fiffty Copper’s Ghetto Azeroth
Chapter 5 – Wetlands
Wetlands and Professions
Levels 20 – 25

Level 25
Level 25

Adventuring could become cumbersome. I needed something else to do besides quest day in and day out. I managed to talk to some people over in Stormwind, a magnificent castle filled with people coming and going about their business.

Instead of choosing a gathering skill and a skill that makes products from the materials you gather, I went with two gathering skills. Now this may seem odd but if you think about making gold at the auction house, this is a very good way to do it, as there are many people making things every day, thus needing materials.

My next point in my journey begins, off I go to the cold, and snow filled land of the dwarves. Dun Morogh. I took the train from Stormwind to the awe-inspiring Ironforge. From there I set off with my trusty horse, to the Wetlands.

Waiting for the Train to Ironforge
Waiting for the Train to Ironforge

After traversing through many lands I finally arrived to a dwarf settlement. They had a few small missions for me, fighting underwater, killing spiders, exploring caves, and fending off sharks, typical run of the mill stuff.

My travels led me to Mithril Harbor, a little village overrun by a flood. The place was over taken by orcs. I was tasked with killing the main villain, he proved to be no challenge, a quick dispatch. Wetlands turned out to be a walk in the park, no effort needed.

When I was finished I headed out to the Arathi Highlands, maybe it will be more interesting.

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