He’s coming…. Fiffty Copper!!


Fiffty Copper

The Introduction!

Hello, everyone, this is Fiffty Copper and I’m going to document my experience on the Moon Guard (Role Playing) server. I plan to update every 5 levels with pictures from the zones I work through, of myself, and which collection of gear I am wearing at the time.

I’ll also mention the tons of cool people I will meet on my way to 100.

I have a few goals:

  1. Make it to 100
  2. Make a Hip Hop / Rap oriented Guild
  3. Create concerts, with Rap Battles and have giveaways, trivia, etc
  4. Stick to Zones while only doing a few dungeons along the way, as to not skip over entire zones.
  5. Take Pictures of the Journey and the way my character looks.
  6. Create fun to read stories of my experience

That is it. If you enjoy, it please do not hesitate to leave a comment, as it helps with motivation.

Stories will be told from the many lands, that I will make my way through. There will be good and bad sides but I will persevere.

I’ve had alot of fun playing, and I hope it comes across my writing style.

Thank You for reading.

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