Tom Clancy’s The Division – Journal – Day ‘2’

day2I’m in Love

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What if Gears of War, Call of Duty,Diablo, and Destiny had a baby? Would we call it Gears of Duty – Diablo’s Destiny? (not funny, I know, but accurate)We would call it Tom Clancy’s The Division. My first game session left me in awe. My favorite part? The Instances. Think of World of Warcraft dungeons, and change the setting to a winter New York City. There are hospitals, morgues, and factory settings, and many more. There is a hell of a lot of them too, about 26. If I read it right and there are three difficulty settings, and I believe there are more on the way.

Yes, Yes, I’m in love. The Division has everything that I didn’t know I wanted until up to a few weeks ago. I got into the first closed beta but didn’t really try it, the open beta I played for thedivisionchristmasabout an hour but didn’t really play it all that much. I didn’t even know that it was an MMO.

The Division is pretty meaty, It has tons of side missions, echo’s which are these story like events that make holograms of people show up at the time of the scene and what incident took place, audio and all.

There are tons of skills to choose from to suit your play style, want to be a straight up healer of the group, go ahead and invest into items that can be thrown and can revive thedivisionstatsgroup members, focus on your healing stats, and become the ultimate sponge. That is just heals, there are the tech and security trees as well.

All these skills come from your home base, you gather credits and go into the base and spend them to unlock the skills I mentioned before. With each upgrade you actually see the effect taking place in real time. For example, you go into the armory and all you see is cardboard boxes and papers all over the floor, go upgrade it and come back and you will see it cleaned up with people inside going about their business. More impressions tomorrow.


Hours Played – 17h 33m
Level – 13
Story % – 50

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