Final Fantasy XIV – Journal – Day “5”

RRJournallogo3Day 5
“The Final Entry”

I started off with a quest to follow someone, he’s a suspect where an information leak is concerned. I follow him and sure enough, he met up with someone and gave coordinates. I report back to the base and am tasked to head towards the location, there I meet 3-5 enemies ready for an ambush.

A new dungeon is so close, I can almost smell it!

Bam!! After the next quest I get a dungeon one. SNOWCLOAK! I just finished running it and it was decent, your typical boss fights, tank and spank, watch out for AOE, and one rather unique task. It reminded me of a WoW dragon battle, Sapphiron. I may be wrong though.

I hit up the queue for PVP it said it was 30+ minutes to get a game going, I clocked out at 1 hour. A shame really, It’s been too long since I’ve played PVP FF14. I can’t really go on about the story so I won’t spoiler anything. I think I have enough playtime to make a review out of the game. That post will be out soon!

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