Final Fantasy XIV – Journal – Day “3”

RRJournallogo3Day 3
“Cleaning out my Armory Chest…”

I wake up and am quickly reminded of my next quest, delivering uniforms to eight people. Again I commend Square Enix for making those 8 not overly hard to find. Short and Fun. as I progressed in the story, I found out there was a traitor, a little while later I was summoned to the coppersomething mine.


With every step I took I could feel the pounds amongst pounds of armor and gear weighing down on me . I couldn’t adventure like this, so I had to stop by my ‘bank’ and store them there. What a relief it was. Back to the quests! I earned myself a nice pair of gauntlet items ilvl 110, my previous ilvl was 50! With those set of 1-5 quests, I decided (yet again) to take a break. This concluded my journey for the day.

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