The Moco.Net Show – Episode #1 is out!

With great satisfaction, I am now proud to announce The Moco.Net Show, Episode #1 is finally out on YouTube! Click Ahead to watch! After a few weeks worth of work, It’s out! Please comment down below. Is there something I should change? Have any feedback whatsoever? Please comment! Here it

How to not get bored of / stay invested in World of Warcraft

Hello everyone, in my gaming life I’ve seen people play the same game every day for hours and years and still keep coming back to it. I wondered, how can I do that? So, I set out to not get bored of one of my favorite games of all time,

Fast and Furious: Crossroads PS4 – Impressions

As soon as I saw the Fast and Furious Crossroads trailer on the Video Game Awards I got some serious Stuntman Ignition vibes and I knew I had to have it. The wait is finally over and I received my copy today, so what are my thoughts? Click on through!